“Ride” EP Release Date Announced!

Austin, TX: “Ride”, the upcoming EP from Backseat Soundtrack, now has a release date! January 4th, 2021. The long-awaited album was recorded back in the summer of 2020 with engineer/producer Charles Godfrey. You can learn more about the studio session in our recent blog.

“Ride” Album Art Released

The album art for “Ride” was created by Alex Irwin, owner of ABAG Design Studio. Irwin had created artwork in the past for Mike Fisher and the band including the album artwork for the single, The Little Things.

ride ep album art from backseat soundtrack band

The artwork, like the album title, is based on the 2nd track, Ride. The band arrived at the art concept after several discussions. From the initial concept, Irwin was able to create a unique aesthetic that perfectly fits the sound and feeling of the EP.

First Single Release from “Ride” – The Minute

The first single from the “Ride” EP will be a soulful, indie rock tune, The Minute. The song was the first full track written entirely by the band, and will be the 3rd track of the 5 song EP. The Minute is due for release November 30th, 2020.