“Ride” is the 1st studio album from Backseat Soundtrack.

Recorded during the summer of 2020, Ride is the culmination of the band’s first year together. The 5 song EP was recorded at Scary American Studios in Austin, TX, with producer/engineer Charles Godfrey. Additional track credits include Charles Godfrey (drums, percussion on Eulogy & Morning Sun), Daniel Sahad (vocals on Real Life), and Chip Connel (vocals on title track Ride).

Release Date: January 4, 2021
Recorded at: Scary American, a recording studio located at Mosaic Sound Collective in Austin, TX
Engineered and Produced by: Charles Godfrey
Mastered by: Dan Shike, Tone and Volume Mastering
Lead Vocals by: Mike Vincent Fisher
Guitars by: Nigel Clark, Gino Cussimanio
Bass by: Ben Aiken
Drums by: Greg Henny
Guest Musicians: Daniel Sahad, Chip Connell, Charles Godfrey

Where to Listen or Download “Ride”

Spotify: Listen Here
iTunes/Apple Music: Buy Here
Soundcloud: Listen Here