Backseat Soundtrack 2021 Recap

Austin, TX: It’s been a tough year, but the guys in Backseat Soundtrack are back in action. As the music scene finally shows signs of real recovery in Austin and beyond, the 5-piece alt rock group is eyeing a return in 2022.

Here is what’s been happening with the band..

“Ride” Album is Out!

Ride, the band’s first studio album/EP, is available for streaming and download. The 5 song album was completed in mid 2020, and released in early 2021. The band plans to release a new video for the title-track “Ride” in early 2022. Learn more about the making and release of “Ride”.

ride ep album art from backseat soundtrack band

“Freezing” on the Film Circuit

Backseat’s single “Freezing” made it onto the film “Addict Named Hal”. The film was directed by Austinite Lane Michael Stanley, and explores addiction. The song was chosen due to it’s grunge and Austin-rock influences. The film has been making it’s way through the festival circuit, racking up accolades including an Official Selection at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2021.

Coming Soon!

With new music, and shows materializing in early 2022 (including an exciting set during Austin’s Free Week), keep an eye out for news and updates from the band.