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Check out the new album from Backseat Soundtrack. If ya dig it, get yourself a copy.


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“Freezing is a high energy indie rock song with strong vocal melodies, sound design and upbeat progressions. I loved the sound of the full band with bass, electric, acoustic, piano and drums. The lead vocal had an excellent presence in the mix and confident vocal tone with awesome background harmonies.”

– Ella Goldin | All Authentic

Ella Goldin


Backseat Soundtrack is an Austin, TX based indie rock/pop band started by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Mike Vincent Fisher. After a long run in various solo and group music projects across the southern United States, Mike put together an ensemble of seasoned musicians and songwriters. These musicians include Nigel Clark on Guitar/Backup Vox, Ben Aiken on Bass Guitar, Greg Henny on Drums, and Gino Cussimanio on Lead Guitar.

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